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Hi, I´m Alexis Schärer. A professional and passionate hotelier committed to unconditional dedication to the Hospitality.

Personally, this year has brought me an inner charge of reflection, connecting with emotions that I had left in the deepness of myself for very long time. But now I have seeing the possibility to build a new reality by expanding my emotional consciousness.

Gardening and be in contact with nature has been always one of my favorite thinks to do since very little. Trees give me a very simple but powerful advice: “Sink your roots into the earth, stand still and just be”. Trees relax me and put me in a very peaceful and present state of mind.

So basically, by planting trees, I plant the seed of balance between me and nature, a seed of forgiveness, a seed of respect, a seed of peace and love, a seed of my feelings and emotions to the deepest part of earth.

After saying that I came up to the question: What does 'hotel sustainability' really mean nowadays? Yet this term is being used liberally these days to mean everything – and nothing. Sustainability for me is really about creating “responsible business” and able to be maintained. I need first to give back and restore what I destroyed at the first place to build my Hospitality and tourism business model.

Arboles La Semilla is an initiative of conscience, respect and responsibility. The main goal is to restore the deep bond that exists between the Human Being and Nature on an emotional and spiritual level. The Tree Kingdom is a source of life promotes to serve all the living beings. Our lives completely depend on it and the air it generates as a whole it fulfills an essential function for our existence and our awakening.

Relating and connecting with trees implies that I treat them for what they are (living, sensitive and intelligent beings) and that I have the humility to recognize their underlying power, their greatness and their contribution to the common good.

By planting trees is a tangible expression of our vision of responsible hospitality that speaks out as a key aspect in our attempt to “re-balance” with ourselves and the world around us. Going back to the wisdom of ancient practices will guide us to understand nature and will connect with ourselves.

It isn’t just about “saving” the planet. It’s about embracing it.

We start this project in order to create awareness, because trees never stop giving, teach us to stay rooted while soaring to great heights.  They represent life, growth, peace, and nature. They are, effectively, the Earth’s lungs, and protecting those lungs is crucial if we are to defend the planet’s biodiversity. By coming in contact with the trees we pick up these vibrations and are grounded by the trees natural life-giving energy. It also gives us a chance to slow down and get in touch with the natural part of us, and the world around us.


The word Seed has been a powerful meaning to guide the vision and values of our brand. We believe in simple beauty and simple pleasures, respect for all living creatures and the quiet brilliance of nature.

We encourage the slow approach to life where quiet moments with nature allow you to disconnect with the busy, fast-paced world and reconnect with the earth.


We want to act with the world as it is and make progress, step by step, through experience, and always towards a truly sustainable world.

To do this, we have decided to partner up with ONETREEPLANTED.ORG so our contribution will have a major impact by doing these 2 projects.

By becoming a Tree Ambassador for ONE TREE PLANTED we are joining a network of passionate people to support our mission to reforest the planet.

We will create more awareness about the importance of planting trees in our community. We will do a full service from receiving the order by phone or email to the delivery of a baby tree to each house or business in our community with no charge, it all will be based on own willing donation fee once delivered.

We will also have the ability to start a fundraiser for future local projects and have our own local statistics and projections of planted trees.


By business partner. One dollar plants one tree. We, as La Semilla Brand, will donate 1 dollar per room each night we rent in our Hotels and will ask our guest if they want to mach the donation of 1 extra dollar per night they stay.

We will send the donation funds once a month to ONETREEPLANTED. We will receive a full report and a Tree Certificate for each donation made from ONETREEPLANTED.ORG as an acknowledgement for the impact we’re making..

Our donations to ONE TREE PLANTED are handled transparently.

Operations have continued to grow to compensate for the number of trees that have to be planted.

All of these costs make it easier for them to plant more trees, and now we have the opportunity to give back to the planet.

As an environmental charity, ONE TREE PLANTED are dedicated to making it easier for individuals and businesses to give back to the environment, create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity and help reforestation efforts around the world.



We have established an alliance with MOCE YAX CUXTAL, A.C. a non-profit Civil Association at the local level within our community of Playa del Carmen, with the aim of joining forces to transform the environmental responsibility of citizens and visitors in the different daily activities, through awareness, education, information and dissemination of the intelligent, rational and sustainable use of natural resources.

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